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The Case of the Cyber Bully


Skye's Cyber Bullying Mystery: 

When Skye, the most popular girl in the 8th grade, starts to receive threatening emails, text messages and voice-mails, she doesnt know what to do. Her best friend Melody asks the tech-savvy Adina for help. When Adina says yes, her friend Clara is confused. Skye is stuck up, and has never been nice to them in the past, so why is Adina helping her? After an adventure, the girls learn about more than just the bullies identity, they learn about friendship and growing up in the digital age of technology.

*We recommend this episode for ages 11+ without parental supervision and ages 7-8+ with parental supervision due to serious themes at the end of the story.

The Case of the Online Crush


The Case of the Online Crush Michael, a concerned 8th grader, approaches the Club with a difficult problem. His friend Ally has been talking to a guy online for over two months and it seems too good to be true- except the guy is 20! The club takes the case to track down Allys mysterious boyfriend and uncover his true identity.  After using technology and their detective sleuth skills, the club learns that young online relationships arent as romantic as they might seem.*We recommend this story for ages 11+, while there is no physical contact or kissing, we suggest parents be available for discussions that could arise.

The Case of the Plagiarized Paper


The Case of the Plagiarized Paper Dave, a fellow 8th grade classmate needs help from the Club. Someone in Mr. Bs class plagiarized their own paper and since Mr. B has a bell curve it affects everyone. Daves grade is lowered and his parents are sending him to Boarding School! Adinas Deck takes the case in order to help Dave get the grade he deserves. In this who-done-it, there are four main suspects, and the club needs to investigate each of their alibis to catch the cheater and save Dave. After a difficult case, the club learns about the true nature of plagiarism- and that doing things right the first time just might be a trustworthy solution.This episode is appropriate for all ages 7+. Suggested classroom use (4th-10th grade): writing, literature, history, technology/computer teachers, character education, leadership classes. Additional use: school-wide assemblies, school broadcasts, district streaming, counselor sessions, “back to school” programs on cheating/plagiarism, college prep, in preperation for assigning a major writing assignment, University level teacher training, intervention programs.