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Schools and Organizations


"The films addresses these issues in ways that are both educational and entertaining."

I was working with four girls on a cyber bullying situation that is incredibly similar to the one in Adinas Deck. Thankfully, we came to a positive resolution. It confirmed in my mind that your film accurately addresses the kinds of online situations that middle school students are facing everyday. And, the film addresses these issues in ways that are both educational and entertaining.

Susan C, Hillsborough, CA

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Ideas for Schools

  • Cyber Safety Week
  • Technology, Leadership and Career Development Classrooms
  • English Classrooms (Plagiarism Episode)
  • Cyber Bullying, Online Predator, or Plagiarism Assemblies
  • Your District or School Media Library
  • Streaming on your District Website

Age Appropriateness

We believe that this is dependent on each individual parent and child. Here is what has worked in the past:Cyber Bullying: 11+ without parents/teacher, 7-8+ with parents/teacher. Discussions with adults are always recommended. Grades 4-5+.Online Crush: 11+ without parents/teacher, 9+ with parents/teacher. Discussions with adults are always recommended. Grades 5+.Plagiarism: 7+ All ages. Grades 3+.

Safe Screentime

All episodes are free of swear words, cursing, mainstream brand advertising, kissing and language. There are specifically designed to provide a safe environment for more serious topics.  **The Cyber Bullying Program does have a reference to a character who commits suicide. We use mild scare tactics to be sure the students understand the seriousness of their actions. As proven by research to be the most effective**

Adina's Deck for Schools & Organizations

Includes:DVD(s); Facilitators Guide(s); Unlimited Site License for entire school/organization  For: Audiences greater than 50, K-12 Schools, Universities, Girl Scout Councils, Organization & State Prevention Programs

Adina's Deck for Teachers Includes: DVDs; Facilitators Guide; Single Site License For: Audiences of less than 50, Teachers/Counselors, Girl Scout Troops, Public Libraries

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Empowering Young Teens in the Digital World

*****Here are some steps you can take to help empower your children/students when making decisions online. This list is strongly suited for cyber bullying educators (parents, teachers, counselors). Please contact us for permission to replicate the list.Ways To Empower Young People in the Digital World (PDF file)