Here are some steps you can take to help empower your children/students when making decisions online. This list is strongly suited for cyber bullying educators (parents, teachers, counselors). Please contact us for permission to replicate the list.

Ways To Empower Young People in the Digital World (PDF file)
Here are suggestions for integrating the Adina’s Deck films into your organization or school:

  • Cyber Safety Week
  • Technology, Leadership and Career Development Classrooms
  • English Classrooms (Plagiarism Episode)
  • Cyber Bullying, Online Predator, or Plagiarism Assemblies
  • Your District or School Media Library
  • Streaming on your District Website

In addition, the Adina’s Deck teacher’s guides are filled with ideas for discussion questions and activities for the classroom.

In addition, we recommend the following resources:

CTAP (California Technology Assistance Program)

Critical Issues for Girls
(Current Website about Girl’s Issues by Alison Trachtman Hill)

Shaping Youth

(Blog about using media for positive change by Amy Jussel)

School Tube
(Safe, Video Sharing Website)

Connect Safely
Internet Safety organization run by Adina’s Deck advisors Larry Magid and Anne Collier. You will also see several Adina’s Deck cast members- Kelcie Stranahan, KJ Forbes and Amelia Varni in their promotional videos- check it out!)

Looking for a resource that’s not covered on this list? Please contact us and we will try to help!

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