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Cyber Bullying Video is the original 13 Reasons Why Filmed in Northern CA

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

We want to share that Adina’s Deck is the original cyber bullying film before 13 Reasons Why! Both were filmed in Northern CA and tackle important topics such as cyber bullying and online safety. We hope that you enjoy our stories as much as the Netflix series! Check us out and let us know what you think.

Episode 2 is now on Amazon Instant Video!

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Hi Adina’s Deck fans!! You can now watch Episode 2 of Adina’s Deck on Amazon Instant Video!

Preview a Scene from Episode 1 Online

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

If you visit Youtube, you can see additional trailers and also a scene from Episode 1!

DVD's are available!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting the project and is working hard educating young people about cyber bullying! We hope that we can help you make an impact at your school or organization!

Since the articles in the SF Chronicle and Daily Review came out last week, we’ve been flooded with emails from all over the country!! We’ve been contacted from teachers, school principals, prevention programs, churches, temples and youth groups– all with the intention to increase education and awarness about Cyber Bullying! Thanks to everyone who’s supporting Adina’s Deck. Let us know how you like the film!

If you would like to recieve a copy of Adina’s Deck, click here:

We can also arrange for reduced rates. We are looking at this as a “donation,” and all donations are going right back to the project! We are all about getting the DVD out there so email us and we’ll work something out! Thank you again to everyone.

blog #7 by: Ciera Trussell, the Actress who plays "Clara"

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

clara-3.jpgHello everyone, my name is Ciera Trussell and I play the part of Clara in Adina’s Deck. This was my first film, and I had a blast! The subject of this film is really great, I think it could help someone a lot if they were getting cyberbullied and they became educated about it. This is such a great film and I know it will help so many people!

Clara was a fairly easy part for me to play because Clara has “attitude!” I really liked that my character was “not the everyday girlie-girl character.” Clara is different in a lot of ways, one being that she’s a teen who is “stuck in the 60’s” and is in love with Jim Morrison! Also, it felt good to play a character that wanted to stick up for the girl that was being bullied. Clara’s kind of a tough girl who isn’t afraid to to stand up to people if she thinks they are being mean (the bullies!) It felt good to stick up for the “underdog.” It felt better to do it with Claras “attitude!” Clara comes off as the different, kind of tough/hippy/rocker kid who definately has an attitude. But really, on the inside Clara cares a lot about her friends and will do whatever it takes to defend them!

Cyberbullyiing is really mean and I hope kids, (the kids being bullied AND the bulliers) will learn how serious it really is. I hope Adina’s Deck will teach them ways in which they can handle this type of situation if they ever end up in it. This film can help people learn what to do if they are being cyberbullied or if they are the cyberbully!

During the whole film process, my favorite scene would definately have to be the one in the kitchen with my dad and Adina – because when we would have to take breaks, we got to eat the cookie dough (yummy!) I actually had a lot of fun doing EVERY scene. That one just stands out (could it of been the cookie dough?) The man who plays my dad was really nice and a lot of fun to work with.
I think that everyone bonded really well! It was kind of strange, but we all felt like we had known each other for years and years!
The whole crew were so much fun to hang out with! We were always joking around and having a good time. For example, one of the crew members, Les, looked a lot like Joey from N*Sync, so we were always making fun of him and calling him “Joey” – ha ha! Also, there was a camera-man named Devin, and I would always steal the slate from him and change the date to Christmas or something weird like that. One time I even got to operate the slate for the camera. It was so fun for me! Debbie and Jason were always great to have around! I miss all the girls sooooo much and I am so excited to see them at the premiere! YEAH!

I have to say thanks to everyone for putting so much effort into this because it has a really good message for a very important issue in todays cyber-world. A big thank you also goes out to the make up and wardrobe people. Margaret did a great job on getting my makeup just perfect for every scene! Also, Stephanies Dad made everyone a DVD with pictures and music. That was so nice of him. I so appreciate him doing that for all of us. So a big “thank you” to Stephanies daddy as well !

I also have to thank my Mommy a whole bunch because I couldn’t have done it without her help and support. She drove me everywhere – and let me tell you – she is the best taxi service ever!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!

Thanks again to anyone and everyone who helped make Adina’s Deck possible… I feel so lucky to have been a part of it! I cant wait to see all
of you at the premiere!!!clara_2.jpg
Ciera Trussell – “Clara”

By: Greg Cala, aka Clara's Dad

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Special thanks to Greg Cala aka Clara’s Dad (aka Mookie Dookie’s dad) for writing this blog posting!_mg_5052.jpg

Hi, my name’s Greg Cala, and I played the part of Clara’s Dad in the film “Adina’s Deck”.
From the first day of auditions, I had a feeling this was going to be a great production.
As I waited in the lobby and read through my scene, I could really picture myself as this goofy dad.
I didn’t know a thing about cyberbullying, so it was true to the part.
For some reason, I had a feeling I was going to get the role. Positive thinking really works!
There were a lot of people waiting to audition and when I finally got into the room, I was ready to roll.
Aside from reading the scene, we got to do some improvisation, which I love.
I kept going back in with a different group of kids so the directors could see how we meshed together.
There were so many talented kids involved, I couldn’t believe it.

I knew they were going to have a tough time making a decision on who to cast as the lead roles, but when they did, the choices were perfect. The 4 girls are fantastic. I was impressed to see how good they worked together.
My scene in the kitchen with Clara and Adina was a blast to shoot. Even though this was a serious subject, I was happy to be in a scene that was meant to be funny. Life is serious enough and I love a good laugh.
The girls were so natural and confident on the set. We all really had a good time and I think it shows.
The directors, Debbie and Jason, were great and the crew was very professional.


During production, they were extremely organized, which doesn’t often happen on low budget (or no budget) independent films. Debbie was determined to complete a successful project for her graduate program, but she ended up making an incredibly professional, entertaining and educational piece of work that has already won awards. I know they have what it takes to make more great episodes… an important subject matter, a talented cast and crew and last but not least, awesome writing and directing. I hope they get the funding.
It is important for parents and kids alike to be informed and educated on cyberbullying and other negative uses of technology. Adina’s Deck is a great way to accomplish this. I knew nothing about this topic before working on Adina’s Deck but now I realize it happens all over. Let’s help get the word out.
In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to playing Clara’s goofy dad again on the next episode!

Blog #6: By Nella Varni, the actress who plays "Peggy"

Friday, January 19th, 2007

I’m Nella Varni. I am 12 years old and I played a girl named Peggy in Adina’s Deck. nella.jpgDuring the time that my sister, Amelia, and I were filming, one of my friends was getting cyber bullied. She didn’t know what to do. So, I told her about Adina’s Deck and it really helped! She told her parents what had been going on and she printed out her latest IM and took them to the principal. She hasn’t been cyber bullied since!
The director, Debbie, and the writer, Jason, were both super nice! They were so sweet and were so good to others! They totally did an awesome job on Adina’s Deck! I usually do theater, so filming was a different experience for me. You don’t need to memorize your lines at all! (But you should just in case?)
The set was really cool too! There’s a scene where there’s about the whole cast in a “lunchroom” and they actually brought food and trays and everything! Almost every other kid had either a laptop, cell phone or an i-pod. I brought my laptop and gave it to a girl who was in the group that I was sitting with while we were filming a scene.
Clara’s “bedroom” was the best part of the whole set. We traveled to a ladies beautiful home and used her pool house as Clara’s “bedroom”… it was so cool! About two weeks after filming, Debbie and Jason (and also a guy named Les who worked on Adina’s Deck) came to visit us. They were the best film directors ever!
I miss Adina’s Deck. I really can’t wait for the pilot to come out and I’m very excited to see the whole thing put together. I really, really can’t wait!

Blog #3 by: Production Assistant James Liao

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

p1030616-1.jpg  When I first heard about Adina’s Deck, I was excited in the film’s premise because it was something that was both fresh and meaningful. However, I knew from watching dozens of student films that it would most likely be a small, amateur production. I could not have been more wrong! Despite being on a tight budget, I was consistently amazed at how professional and motivated people on this film were!

When I first met Jason and Debbie, the script had not actually been finished yet. But within a month, they had a script that was engaging, educational and well written. After sitting in on a few production meetings, it quickly became apparent that despite having limited resources, Debbie and Jason had organized and mobilized a large pool of talent, which meant Adina’s Deck would be as close to a professional production as one could get.

As a production assistant, I floated between departments to try and learn as much as I could about film production by doing various jobs.  It was a great experience not only because I learned a lot, but also because the crew was amazing! Whether it was as simple as holding Jamison’s massive camera, duct taping the film location together with Felicia, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Estelle and Jason or helping Sam move lighting equipment I can honestly say that everyone I saw worked their absolutely hardest to try and come up with the best film that they could. It was inspiring to see how everyone worked together to form a cohesive team, which worked tirelessly despite long hours, the hot sun and the occasional fire truck that would scream past and ruin a shot! (Which inevitably resulted in Mario and Ifran shouting at the firemen to be quiet.)

I was also very impressed with all the cast members of the film as they gave the film their full effort and patience. I first met some of them over an intense couple of days during casting calls, and was amazed at how well (even from day one!) they acted and bonded together. The kids had incredible amounts of energy and stamina and worked through the toughest moments of the film (the ones which were hot, uncomfortable and close to lunch) without any complaints. I was especially happy to see that by the end of the film many of them had become good friends! However, I have learned from this film that kids will eat the props if they are edible (Sam Juarez, this means you!), so do NOT let Jason give out all the gummy worms to all the kids, especially when the scene is not over yet!

Cyber-bullying is an important issue for kids and parents alike to learn about because it is not well known and yet has caused so much pain and suffering for kids all over the world. Even off the set, when telling people about the film, I have found myself educating them about cyber-bullying as most have never even heard the term or problem before. Adina’s Deck is a film that kids and parents will be able to watch and enjoy, while being able to see first hand for themselves the dangers of cyber-bullying.

Looking back, Adina’s Deck was an amazing film to work on because of its high production standards and its educational value. I had a blast and cannot wait for Adina’s Deck to be released! A big ‘thank you” to the cast and crew, you were all amazing!

James Liao recently graduated (June 2007) from Stanford University as a history major. He has lived most of his life in Hong Kong, China and has had an interest in making films and documentaries since high school, which has led him to work on several amateur short films and documentaries. He is currently certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (Basic), which is why he sometimes carried around a fire extinguisher on set. James has a twin brother, who was also at Stanford with him, and perhaps it was the twin posing as James and not James himself on the film set! No one will ever really know!

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