Adina’s Deck is a new Internet Safety¬† DVD series designed for young teens ages 9-14. In each episode, savvy characters solve contemporary problems including: cyber bullying, online predators, and plagiarism.

The stories are fictional fantasies; they are colorful, humorous and imaginative. They are both serious and light-hearted and are enjoyed in a variety of settings from classrooms to homes to Girl Scouts. Adina’s Deck stories designed to inspire conversations and provide an entry point to helping parents and teachers discuss important topics.

Each episode includes bonus documentaries with experts who speak more in depth about the topics. Young teens watch these, along with the films and become inspired to make smart choices while online.

Adina’s Deck was designed and tested at Stanford University. After testing the shows with over 150 students between the ages of 10-15, significant and substantial evidence showed improvement about the topics of cyber bullying from the perspective of the bully, victim and by-standard. To read the assessment results, download this PDF here.

The Adina’s Deck founders are Debbie Heimowitz, who has a background in the film industry and a Master’s degree in Education from Stanford University; and Jason Azicri an award winning screenwriter, who holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Jason was formerly a special needs health and physical education teacher. The actors and actresses in Adina’s Deck are teens from Northern CA who are now experts in their shows topics. They are motivated, hard working students who are leaders in their communities. Adina’s Deck has attracted excellent volunteers who value teamwork, and creativity.

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The Cast

Adina - Amelia Varni
Amelia Varni
Clara - Ciera Trussell
Ciera Trussell
Skye - Kelcie Stranahan
Kelcie Stranahan
Melody - Stephanie Cameron
Stephanie Cameron
Michael - Sam Ison
Sam Ison
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