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What Makes a Good Bullying PSA? Huffington Post Article by Rosalind Wiseman

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Check out this article on bullying public service announcement. Author Rosalind Wiseman creates a strong analysis of the strengths of good bullying PSA’s. Adina’s Deck is mentioned in the “good PSA” section. We really appreciate it and are thankful to be recognized in the article!

Read the article here:

Thank you Rosalind!

Beyond Bullying Conference in N. Tahoe

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Debbie and Jason attended the Beyond Bullying Conference in North Tahoe, through the California League of Middle Schools. They led a session about their research and development of the Adina’s Deck series. It was a wonderful day and gorgeous location. There was snow everywhere and a wonderful turn out. Thanks to all who attended, it was a pleasure getting to know you!

The Cast

Adina - Amelia Varni
Amelia Varni
Clara - Ciera Trussell
Ciera Trussell
Skye - Kelcie Stranahan
Kelcie Stranahan
Melody - Stephanie Cameron
Stephanie Cameron
Michael - Sam Ison
Sam Ison
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