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Technology Teacher Uses Plagiarism DVDs

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Here is an email from Aletta Sauer, CA
“I teach technology education and business education at a rural high school in – Southern Humboldt County (in Northern CA).  Since I see all the 9th graders in Computer Literacy class, I decided to order all three of your current episodes, to help me teach a unit on Copyright, Web Ethics, Plagiarism and Internet Safety.  So far, I have used the Case of the Plagiarized Paper  to introduce lessons on avoiding plagiarism, and I have used Adina’s Deck to help with lessons on Web Ethics, Web Etiquette, and Internet Safety. I spent two days on bullying because we are a Gr 8-12 high school campus, and the 9th graders still have memories of their time as 8th graders as well as the benefit of moving 1 step up in the campus pecking order.  We use the Community of  Caring model for character education, so the Adina’s Deck footage was especially appropriate.  Our discussion on bullying was one of the most open that we have had all year – my students were totally cued into what cyberbullying is all about and our discussion ranged from what happened at Columbine to vandalism between classmates on our school wiki.  My timing could not have been better – as it turned out, the day before we had our pre-video discussion, we had our own horrendous incident involving cyberbullying.  2 younger female 8th graders vandalized another female 8th grader’s locker with fake blood, wrote messages like “whore” and “bitch”, and then sent cell phone pictures to the victim of a third student trying to look scary with knives also dripping with fake blood.  It was truly a memorable teachable moment, and gave us all an opportunity to understand just how offensive mental bullying can be. Also, I have an investigator from the DA’s office coming to meet with my students about Cyber-safety, and we’ll use the Case of the Online Crush then!

Thanks for the note, Aletta!

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