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Watch Adinas Deck in Danville and Pasadena!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Adina’s Deck Episode 2 will be screening at “Pasadena Learns” click the link for more information! This is part of the Kid’s First Film Festival. Aidna’s Deck Episode 3 will be screening at the Danville International Children’s Film Festival!

Come watch “The Case of the Plagiarized Paper” on Sat. May 16th, 2009. Perfect for children, english teachers/classes, history teachers, technology eduators, feild trips and anyone else who is educating their 9-15 year old students about Internet Cheating!

The Cast

Adina - Amelia Varni
Amelia Varni
Clara - Ciera Trussell
Ciera Trussell
Skye - Kelcie Stranahan
Kelcie Stranahan
Melody - Stephanie Cameron
Stephanie Cameron
Michael - Sam Ison
Sam Ison
Winner Seals